Île de Porquerolles

Porquerolles – An escape into a paradise of days gone by

Porquerolles is the largest of the Islands of the Hyéres chain which is a bow-shaped collection of three islands scattered off the coast between St Tropez and Toulon.

A protected group of islands with white sandy beaches, pine woods and eucalyptus, Porquerolles has been described as the last frontier of the French Riviera. Despite lying just a few nautical miles south of the iconic coastline, this tiny island feels like a world away and captivates all who visit with its innocent beauty and dreamy tranquillity.

The landscape resembles the French Riviera of centuries ago. No cars are allowed here, there are only a handful of hotels and only 200 inhabitants. There are around 20 beautiful and usually deserted beaches, most of which are found along the northern coast, with the Plage de Notre Dame being the jewel in the crown. 

The north coast is also home to a harbour and charming village where you can sit with a coffee at an open-air café in the main square as the few locals play petanque, cycle or hike the unpaved trails of the interior or visit the vineyards in the west and sample the locally made rosé wine. Here you can also visit the Fondation Carmignac which is a new fabulous contemporary art museum.